Tree Magic

I have been drawing a lot of trees lately, inspired by the woods and trees near where I live. I’m working on few things which I’m hoping to enter into Art in the Gardens in Sheffield later in the year. I’m also in the middle of various commissions and potty training my 2 year old. One of these things is going much less successfully than the others. If anyone has a simple formula for potty training, that would be appreciated too.


Moonlit Trees I (2018)
Digital art, A4 archival print.
£20 (UK postage included)
Moonlit Trees II (2018)
Digital art, A4 archival print.
£20 (UK postage included)


I escaped the studio/office/house for a walk in the Peak District last week for a much needed bit of moorland therapy. Watch out for a new landscape series soon.
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In bloom

Our garden is looking flipping glorious right now. I love it when it suddenly bursts into flower. The lady who owned the house before us was obviously an incredible gardener because it’s basically wall to wall posy material.

I decided to trim these self-set aquilegias out of a hedge so I could actually see them. I shoved them haphazardly into a vase with some euphorbia and some other random bits and bobs and don’t they look beautiful? Yeah that cherry/thing/twig(?) looks a bit droopy but I love those colours.

While we were crawling about on the lawn, this Hawthorn shield bug introduced itself to us (that’s not my hand, btw. I have full sized hands). The lilac is full of them, they’re great. Have you ever had one land on you? BZZZzzz…Thwack! They’re so heavy and cumbersome, they’re ridiculous!

Other things that have happened this week and within the same colour scheme include meeting this fabulous tree, and purchasing some lovely new summer slippers. Mmm, snug.

And finally, the Bank Holiday this week means I’ve had time to sort out my printer settings, so prints and cards will be available very soon!

img_2917 copy
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Hello 2015, I’m coming for you

What do you mean we’re halfway through 2016?

Well, my maternity leave is almost over. It went so quickly :(

I’ve got lots of new things in the pipeline though and I’m a bit excited about it. Firstly checkout my new look blog/website! I know right?! It’s not like me to spend loads of time faffing with my blog instead of listing new stuff for sale. Ah, it’s going to be just like old times.

Or is it?!
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I’m even scheduling this blog post a day ahead.


Are you excited yet? This man is excited. Yay!