Inktober 2016

Over Owler Tor

Recently, I challenged myself to produce an ink drawing (almost) every day in October as part of Inktober on Instagram. I tried to stick to Jake Parker’s official prompts as much as possible, but also keep to my own moorland/woodland theme. It was a struggle on occasion – the links got more and more tenuous, and sometimes I just drew something completely off-topic, but it gave me a nice sense of achievement to complete the set.

It was also fun to see how other people interpreted the prompts (check out #inktober2016), and I’ve found a few more lovely IGers to follow. If you’re on Instagram I’d love to see you! You can follow me @siansburys

You can view and buy some of my Inktober Collection on Folksy:


I’m still listing these, so if you can’t find the piece you want, please contact me.

Inktober 2016 prompt list


walker1I try to suppress the melodrama that is often occurring in my head but, when I am walking and I am stepping out of people’s way, and when they are walking straight on and not acknowledging me as if I’m not even there, I think “I’ll haunt this place one day” and  sometimes I feel so invisible that it seems like I’m haunting it already (but not necessarily in a bad way).



Happy Landscape

happy_landscapeI’ve basically spent the “summer” using up all my paper and so, before I start on the next batch, I thought it was probably time I came back to blog about some of it.

You know what they say about quality over quantity? Well, I’ve completely ignored that and posted a whole bunch of sketchbook doodles on my Tumblr blog, in an attempt to keep the spammy content contained on the least annoying platform. I’m not really sure why I posted it at all to be honest, but maybe someone will like looking at it? Enjoy! Continue reading