Stanage Millstone Cheese Label

Something a little different. I recently licensed my work to be used on a lovely locally-made artisan cheese.

Sophie and James from Cow Close Farm in Hathersage got in touch before Christmas because they wanted some new artwork for the labels for their Stanage Millstone cheese. Their old label was really nice but, when the time came to reprint, they decided they wanted something which reflected a bit more strongly that their cheese is handmade at their farm below Stanage Edge, and that the cheese itself is shaped like a Millstone, with a hole in the middle (which is an absolute stroke of genius). The artwork also had to work with their existing branding.

They had seen one of my sketches of Stanage which they liked, and I was able to rework it for them with the iconic image of toppled Millstones in the foreground.

The labels have now started going out on the new Stanage Millstones and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The cheese is delicious too! You can buy it online here, or from these stockists.

Hazy Autumn Peak District Sunset


I could draw (and walk) these hills and moorlands all day.

Digital illustration of a distant hillside catching the late autumn sun. Burnt orange tones of bracken and moorland grasses dominate the foreground, where you can just make out the last flecks of purple heather. Two crows circle in the sky above. Inspired by the beautiful upland landscapes of the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire.

Limited edition prints of this will be available soon, I’m just checking out some print services. In the meantime you can get open editions and all the usual clothing and homewares on Redbubble!

Castles for Crows

Over owler tor

There’s something sublimely ethereal and satisfying about Autumn in the Peak District. To wander amongst the quiet and the heather and the stones, taking occasional shelter from the cold winds between the tors where the crows circle and caw-caw, while the clouds loom over, threatening to drench.

With my head fully recharged with imagery and daydreams of crow castles, I’ve been creating these illustrations in ProCreate (which is a great graphics app for the iPad if you’re in the market for one). I’ve got a few ideas for them, but if anyone happens to be writing some songs about crows or moorlands and needs some artwork for their album cover, please get in touch ;)

Tor with crows Tor with crows Moorland with crows