The Boatman

Andy has taken up fly-fishing in the last few months. I wasn’t really into the idea until he told me that fisherers (technical term) can hire a boat at Ladybower Fisheries and see all the quiet bits that normal, non-fishing folk can’t usually get to. Part of my Sketchbook Skool homework is to document my week in sketches so,Continue reading “The Boatman”

Stanage & Higger Tor (again)

I must have walked on Burbage moor a thousand times but I don’t think I’ve been on Stanage edge for years, which is pretty terrible considering how often I drive past it and subconsciously take in its outline. It was forecast to be a nice afternoon so I decided to remedy that. (Click on theContinue reading “Stanage & Higger Tor (again)”

Sketching at Ladybower

Yesterday I had lightly pencilled in a trip to the seaside to have an ice-cream with Sal off of littleblackheart. I dithered and dithered for several hours right up until the point where if I had set off right then, it would have been time to leave again by the time I got there. I’m soContinue reading “Sketching at Ladybower”

Sketching at Longshaw

On the way home from Eyam yesterday I stopped for a quick walk at Longshaw Estate. Longshaw Lodge was originally the hunting lodge for the Dukes of Rutland. I won’t give the game away, but it features in ‘The Secret Rooms’ by Catherine Bailey, which is a good read if you are interested in fancyContinue reading “Sketching at Longshaw”

Sketchcrawl: IWM North, Salford

On Saturday, Sketchcrawl North went on a fieldtrip to the Imperial War Museum North at Salford. It is a crazy building based on a smashed up teapot stuck back together, designed in order to disorientate visitors so much that they are unable to leave without buying a amusing-when-you-read-it-out-of-context wartime postcard, apparently. I may have gotContinue reading “Sketchcrawl: IWM North, Salford”