Sketchcrawl: Edale

On Saturday, around a dozen members of Sketchcrawl North ventured out to Edale in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire.  Having not been out with them for over a year (!), I am well out of practice at drawing around other people (and generally out of practice at doing things) but I was determined to get out and goContinue reading “Sketchcrawl: Edale”

Sketchcrawl: Chesterfield

Here be my drawings from our Sketchcrawl in Chesterfield last weekend. It was a glorious day and so I spent much of the time in the shade of the trees in the churchyard under the crooked spire. The spire itself was too hard to draw due to it being a) crooked and b) too close.Continue reading “Sketchcrawl: Chesterfield”

8/9/11: Haddon Hall

Oh my goodness, look how pretty Haddon Hall is. Look at it. Look at its pretty flowers. The inside of the house is absolutely beautiful as well, obviously, but all my photos were rubbish. You’ll just have to visit it yourself. Or Google it? 15th Century fresco seccoe in the Chapel. Thinking about doing somethingContinue reading “8/9/11: Haddon Hall”