Castles for Crows

There’s something sublimely ethereal and satisfying about Autumn in the Peak District. To wander amongst the quiet and the heather and the stones, taking occasional shelter from the cold winds between the tors where the crows circle and caw-caw, while the clouds loom over, threatening to drench. With my head fully recharged with imagery and daydreams of crow castles, I’ve been creating these illustrationsContinue reading “Castles for Crows”

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

The upland landscape of the Peak District National Park, with its dramatic grey tors, purple heathers and windswept greens, provides endless inspiration for me. When I’m not physically out there, breathing in its therapeutic air, I’m constantly revisiting it, often though the colours I surround myself with. This post is a response to The DailyContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You”

The Week (Stanage Sketch)

Okay I was going to start writing a weekly blogpost of a Friday, informing you of all the Things That I Have Done, like anyone cares. But hey! Lucky for you, I’ve done b*gger all this week, just for a change. Not even anything remotely interesting. I was thinking earlier that I should probably tryContinue reading “The Week (Stanage Sketch)”