Sketches from Winyards Nick, Peak District

A couple of quick watercolour sketches from a misty June walk in the Peak District, taking in the views from Winyards Nick below Over Owler Tor.

High Lees, Hathersage - Peak District Sketch
View towards High Lees, Hathersage. You can just about make out Scraperlow Hall amongst the trees and Derwent Moors fading into the distance.

View from Winyards Nick, Hathersage - Peak District art
View towards Mitchell Field.

Note: I have recently changed my name from Sian Hughes to Sian Vernon. My website can now be found at and you can email me at

Storm approaching Longshaw, sketchbook

Peak District rain storm landscape, watercolour sketch by Sian Vernon

I was about to get out and go for a walk at Longshaw but I thought better of it. Ten minutes later there was a very wintery shower over this area of the Peak District! Difficult to sketch or describe or photograph what I saw, but the approaching rain was masking out parts of the distant hills. It was so beautiful. I really haven’t done it any justice, but I’ll try to do a proper painting at some point.

Rain approaching Longshaw, Peak District, Art by Sian Vernon
Disappointing first sketch of rain storm approaching Longshaw
Rain landscape sketches
Trying to get a better, more abstracted effect, showing how the rain and colours looked in my head!
Peak District rain storm landscape, watercolour sketch by Sian Vernon
Detail of one of the smaller sketches.

Secret Garden and Mother Cap sketches

The Secret Garden (Hathersage) Peak District, art by Sian Vernon

This is a part of Hathersage Moor called the Secret Garden, which is well known to climbers but I’ve never walked through it before.  Lots of boulders, birch trees and blue skies.

Approach to Secret Garden (Hathersage) Peak District, sketch by Sian Vernon
Approach to the Secret Garden through Birch woodland
The Secret Garden (Hathersage) Peak District, art by Sian Vernon
The Secret Garden boulders and birch trees with Higger Tor in the background
Over Owler Tor Peak District Art, sketch by Sian Vernon artist
Back via Over Owler Tor
Mother Cap, Peak District art - sketch by Sian Vernon
Sketch of Mother Cap in the sunshine.

Hazy Autumn Peak District Sunset

Autumn Moorland Sunset - Peak District Landscape art for sale


I could draw (and walk) these hills and moorlands all day.

Digital illustration of a distant hillside catching the late autumn sun. Burnt orange tones of bracken and moorland grasses dominate the foreground, where you can just make out the last flecks of purple heather. Two crows circle in the sky above. Inspired by the beautiful upland landscapes of the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire.

Limited edition prints of this will be available soon, I’m just checking out some print services. In the meantime you can get open editions and all the usual clothing and homewares on Redbubble!

March 2017 desktop calendar

March 2017 desktop calendar - free download

Here it is – your free March 2017 desktop calendar download. It’s a muted version of my Hathersage Moor digital painting, the original version of which is available on my RedBubble and Society6.

As before, click/tap on the image to view full size then right click or tap to save. I’ve moved the calendar top right because I found it was getting in my way bottom right. It won’t work as well for phone wallpaper but I guess the calendar part isn’t much use for phone wallpaper anyway? Let me know, I can move it again (top left?) for April :D