Commission a portrait

I’m very excited to be able to offer commissioned art portraits again! Portrait painting was my specialism for quite a few years – I have undertaken portrait commissions for a variety of subjects including people, horses, cats, dogs and sheep. An original portrait makes a wonderful gift for a special occasion, landmark birthday or wedding; to remember someone special, or to honour a loved pet, or sheep :)

I work in a number of styles and mediums. Digital painting is my current favourite but I also work in graphite/pencil, coloured pencils, mixed media, watercolour and acrylic. You can view a selection of my most recent work in my Portraits Portfolio where I’m adding new work every few days.

Here’s a sample from my portraits portfolio to whet your appetite:

If you like my work and you fancy commissioning a portrait from your photograph, please see my new Commissions page for pricing information and instructions on how to place an order. Alternatively you can Contact me for a chat!



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