Dark Forest Illustration


Andy sometimes lets me have a go on his iPad. This is excellent fun because I get to digitally fling ink around without getting real ink all over everything, which is what always happens when I physically fling ink around (see previous posts).

Plus I can draw things and upload them onto print-on-demand websites really easily. You can now buy this spooky Dark Forest illustration on various Stuff*, if you want.
*Stuff includes, but is not limited to: art prints, cards, homewares, t-shirts, clothing, stationery, bags, cases and skins!

Two of my favourites are the Dark Forest Hardcover notebook and Dark Forest mug. Might have to buy myself a couple of these :D

Perhaps you could use this case to camouflage your phone when taking photos of wildlife in the woods at dusk?screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-14-25-26

Sorry for the weird prices if you’re not in the US by the way, they’re set in US$ (probably) and automatically converted to GBP£.

Let me know if you buy any – please, please send me a photo of you drinking from your Dark Forest Travel Mug or out and about in your Dark Forest Miniskirt (Anyone?! Haha, brilliant).

Society6 seems easier to navigate and has some more interesting products, but my margins are higher on Redbubble. Slightly different products and prices on each anyway, but have a look at both and see what you think:

RedBubble Shop
Society6 Shop

If you’re looking for drawing app recommendations and are wondering which one I used to make my Dark Woodland illustration, I used my favourite: Procreate.

As always, buy original art and cards direct from me at https://folksy.com/shops/siansburys


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