Winter distractions and blanket-dwelling

It feels like my life is a string of temporary distractions at the moment. It’s winter (had you noticed?), so I’ve been spending most of my spare time crocheting/sitting under a blanket, which seems like the most important thing to be concentrating on right now. Some may say I’m using it to avoid real life and doing my tax return for example, but that’s not true (ahem).  It’s on theme for me though, look, It’s Attic24‘s Moorland Blanket. So gorgeous.

Winter crochet-addictions and an upsurge in toddler-wrangling duties mean that I haven’t produced much in the way of drawing or paintings recently that are worth sharing but don’t worry, I have been keeping up my drawing practice and exploring all kinds of new subject matter, as instructed by my boss. I am now fairly proficient in drawing tractors, wild and domesticated animals (with or without hats) and household items (various) using my new favourite medium: crayon.

I am helped along with colouring and the application of stickers by the man himself, pictured here with one slipper on and one sock half hanging off:

I’m sharing my Moorland Blanket progress on Instagram, so if you’re doing the crochet-along too, shout up and say hi!

Find me here: Sian Hughes Art on Instagram

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