Hello 2015, I’m coming for you

What do you mean we’re halfway through 2016?

Well, my maternity leave is almost over. It went so quickly :(

I’ve got lots of new things in the pipeline though and I’m a bit excited about it. Firstly checkout my new look blog/website! I know right?! It’s not like me to spend loads of time faffing with my blog instead of listing new stuff for sale. Ah, it’s going to be just like old times.

Or is it?!
Join my ACTUAL MAILING LIST to find out.

I’m even scheduling this blog post a day ahead.


Are you excited yet? This man is excited. Yay!

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4 thoughts on “Hello 2015, I’m coming for you

  1. People comment on your blog, I’m so jealous. It’s like thinking about scheduling a post doesn’t count or something …


    1. Are you thinking about scheduling a post?! I would certainly comment on your future potential post if only I knew how to follow your blog on my phone without downloading another app. *blogging like it’s 2007*


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