Stock Shots and Re-stocking Shop Shock

This week, I have spent some time faffing with my shop. I think my greatest achievement was putting a little hat over the â in my banner. Some people (CarolineRose) have said that is looks like a tiny mountain, and I’m going to take that as a compliment :)

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 17.43.56

This faff was all spurred on initially by the new Folksy shop layouts that have just been released, but also by the discovery of a box which contained an envelope full of little paintings labelled “Folksy – EXPIRED”, which I think had been there since August. So I re-listed those (top stock management tip). While I was at it, and because I can now edit photos since ditching the ancient laptop that wouldn’t run Photoshop without breaking, I listed another batch of things in the  box called “TO LIST”. You can tell that I had at least partially thought about this when I partially set it up.


After I’d listed a couple of things and I was still feeling a bit rubbish about it, I had a conversation with Camilla about product photography and she suggested that having a dedicated photography space might be a good idea. I pooh-poohed her advice at first, of course. “I’ve already TRIED that!”, I whinged, like the spoiled child that I am. Twelve hours later, I took a long hard look at my dedicated photo space  (the foot-wide piece of shelf on top of the radiator cover, 2ft from the dining table and right in the way of the route to the back door) and realised it probably wasn’t the best dedicated photo space. The upshot of this was that I  decided to make a bit of room upstairs, build a mini photography set in it and re-take 90% of my photos (again). Yes, it’s essentially just a piece of painted hardboard taped to a block of wood that I nicked out of Andy’s stash in the garage, and a bowl of pebbles, but it’s loads better than what I had before. Although the photos themselves are still need some work, I’m glad I finally got around to doing this because it’s been on my to-do list for at least 3 years. Tick.

Someone remind me to screw it together properly in a year or two though, before the masking tape rots?


Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 16.52.01


What do you think?

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