Mam Tor and the Great Ridge sketches

Hollins Cross towards Lose Hill, Castleton - sketch by Sian Hughes Peak District artMam Tor from Barker Bank, Castleton - sketch by Sian Hughes Peak District artist

Friday’s jaunt took me to the summit of Mam Tor (don’t be too impressed, it’s only about a 15 minute walk from the car park) and eastwards along the Great Ridge to the top of what I’m guessing is Barker Bank. If you look very carefully at the panorama photo and squint, you can just about see the spot where we were for the Sketchcrawl at Edale last weekend in the far distance. No?

Anyway, it was a blazing hot afternoon so I sensibly took plenty of water. Right? Wrong.

I forgot to take any water. So not only was I gagging for a drink the whole time but I couldn’t use much paint. Luckily I had a bit of emergency water in my water brush so I used soluble crayon for my sketches.

And so ends of my week off! I hope you enjoyed following me. I’m going to try to keep up the walking & sketching as much as I can, but this is where the posting every day stops :)

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