As the nights draw in

A couple of things.

1. I’ve become slightly obsessed with Classic FM

2. Our plants have withered and died back, but I brought some inside and they’re still pretty, in a crispy, dead kind of way.

3. I have taken up baking and knitting. At least I think this is knitting. I’m not sure.

4. Fairy lights are allowed because it is December! (please excuse, living room still not finished)

In other news, I’ve just found these Portraits of Model Railway Enthusiasts and I think they are amazing.

2 thoughts on “As the nights draw in

    1. You know what? As much as I hate to shatter the illusion of how amazing I am, those cookies looked ALOT better than they tasted. They weren’t as soft/chewy as expected (so I think i left them in the oven too long), AND I used plain choc which totally overpowered the butterscotch and cookie flavours :(


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