Inkspill Landscape ACEOs

Following an accidental ink spill the other day (oops):

ink spill

I’ve been having fun with intentional ones this week and I’ve made some ACEOs using a mixture of gouache and black ink on 140lb watercolour paper. They’re a kind of a culmination of the mark-making classes I took with the wonderful Marion Thomson last year teamed with views of my mind-meadow (where the deer and the antelope roam) and, well, a whole load of ink.

There are seven in total in this series:

Inkspill Landscape ACEOs

A few have sold already (thank you very much indeed!), but the rest are available now in my Folksy shop: siansburys

I’ve really enjoyed making these so I’m sure there’ll be more? Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Inkspill Landscape ACEOs

    1. Yeah, it was a brand new pot >:( – I did manage to salvage a lot of it, and the rest I used up so it wasn’t a complete waste!

      And thanks very much, I’m really glad you like them :)


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