Sketchcrawl: Chesterfield

IMG_1531Here be my drawings from our Sketchcrawl in Chesterfield last weekend. It was a glorious day and so I spent much of the time in the shade of the trees in the churchyard under the crooked spire. The spire itself was too hard to draw due to it being a) crooked and b) too close. But I took a photo of it instead.

img066My drawing skills were a bit dodgy so I tried to perk my sketches up with some watercolour.

img067The Rutland is a lovely pub which can be viewed from another shady spot in the church yard, as it is right next door. It provided a handy venue to share our drawings over a beverage at the end of the day.

img068After lunch, we moved onto the markets in the town centre. Again I couldn’t bear the heat (or the crowds) so hid in a corner in one of the side streets. Please don’t look too closely at the proportions, for some reason I’ve drawn a massive chimney in the middle. I’m itching to alter this one!

Not being able to find any other suitable spots in town, I went back to the churchyard – I really tried to concentrate on this one, I promise. But as you can see, I got bored when I reached the right hand page. Still, I sort of prefer it to the left!

img069If you’d like to see sketches from the rest of the group (or if you’d like to join in!) please have a look at our Facebook group: Sketchcrawl North.

Sketchcrawl Chesterfield

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2 thoughts on “Sketchcrawl: Chesterfield

  1. baayooodiful. i envy your awesome, awesome talent. and your sketchcrawls! i would join you if i could – maybe one day! :)


    1. Oh please come! I just bury my head in my book. Once you get over the initial panic, apart from the lower level anxiety that stays with you all day, it’s much MUCH easier to sketch in a group :))


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