Green and Pleasant(ish) Land


Let’s just take a moment to reminisce about this sunny interval that I viewed from my desk on Monday. I’m glad I captured it, because it’s been perpetual-dusk and raining cats and dogs ever since. But at least the plants are happier!

These days, I work from home 90% of the time (I’ve worked outdoors and lived in freezing cold damp houses, kudos to those of you who still do). So I feel very lucky to have stayed warm and dry today, with the added bonus of having a new DVD to watch while I worked. Usually I work with the radio on as I find TV/DVD too distracting, but I couldn’t wait to watch this:



Hope you’ve not had to venture too far today!

6 thoughts on “Green and Pleasant(ish) Land

    1. Thanks! Yes, I realised after I’d posted this, that I should have written some kind of review. I’m crap at reviews though (perhaps this is a challenge, to try writing one..).

      I liked it. Alot. It was very good.

      That do for now?


  1. i enjoyed whip it! it me want my blue roller skates from the 80s. the ones with the yellow rainbows on the sides. <3

    i hope there is yellow rainbows in the blue sky for all of us tomorrow. today was rubbish.


    1. I never had real skates, I just had homemade ones that strapped onto my trainers. My brother forced me to wear them so he could hit pucks at me…


    1. I can recommend it (the watching part) – would love to try it too, but I’d either be too much of a wimp, or too violent ;)


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