Monday Catch-up

Have you all been on tenterhooks awaiting the results of the GSAS selection? Well, I am pleased to say that all six paintings have been accepted, so they will be for sale at this year’s Art Show at the Octagon 29th June to 1st July, along with all six of my Dad’s paintings too!

So, catch-up catch-up:

I had my first day in the new office last week. It is a very cool building. At least, this part is… (Sorry, I’ve already posted this image, but look at the Ws and the art deco and the yellow – doesn’t it match this blog post nicely?):

I have already discovered a new friend living in one of the walls:
The weekend was surprisingly sociable and fun-packed, and included catching up with my homies, and going to a Sophisticated Ladies picnic in Derbyshire with actual Ladies and actual cheese and pineapple on sticks (More on that later? Except that I forgot to take photos, so probably not). I also went to see the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls Roller Derby at Ponds Forge, with yet more of my lovely and super talented friends, Sarah and Kelda (More on that later? Except that I forgot to take photos there too). It was all amazing and I might take some photographs next time, but in the meantime you’ll just have to get off that Xbox and use your imaginations, young lady.
Then, after a slow start this afternoon which, frankly, I was embarrassed to tell you aboot, I had a late flourish just in time for me to miss Neighbours and Home and Away. But I quite like this one so I think it was worth it?

THEN I discovered Channel 5 +1 so it was winwin.

*edit* + daffodils because they are yellow too


8 thoughts on “Monday Catch-up

  1. ooh Sian, I love your productive arvo – it is beautiful! If you miss neighbours and home and away – just call me and I’ll chat aussie to you – “crikey Ailsa” <— I haven't actually watched either for a while.


    1. That’s a shame, maybe you if you made cheese and pineapple on sticks you might draw a few crazy people in off of the street?


  2. lovely blog post and lovely lovely photos and exceptionally lovely artwork! (i did a mahoosive *HONK-BRAY*snoOOoork* there where you lapsed into candian ^) <3


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