Thankless Thursday

Hello – I just thought I’d drop in and say ‘hi’ before Easter is upon us and anyone wonders why I haven’t blogged since the depths of Winter*

(* I like to imagine a world where that might be an issue for anyone, not for any egotistical reasons… oh, hang on, yes, for egotistical reasons. Here’s a photo of my own name, all Big):


It feels like a year has passed since we last spoke. We’ve seen Winter come, and Winter go. We’ve had a quick burst of Summer and then suddenly we were snapped back into Winter again. And now, are we back to Spring? What is this?

Anyway, I am mainly here to tell you that there are a few changes happening at Siansburys. Back in those heady days of 2007 I opened my Etsy shop with grand plans to sell my painting and drawings, but the sock monkeys sort of took over (possibly because my art was crap?). That was great and I’ve had a fantastic time, but recently, what with one thing and another, I’ve begun to feel awfully drained. This isn’t anything dramatic, there will still be monkeys, DON’T PANIC! But what it does mean is that there will be ‘art’ (in the loosest sense of the word) and plush mixed all together in my shops again, and it does mean that I will no longer be taking any kind of custom/personalised monkey orders. At all. Sorry.

And breathe.

I have emptied all of my shops to give myself a bit of space while I dream up new ideas. In the meantime I will (or at least intend to) be blogging about things I love, and random stuff like doodling and pottering and going out into the real world to do sketching of real life things. I hope you decide to stay with me – I can’t promise anything wonderful will emerge but it’d be nice to have you along for the ride!

Haha… maybe see you in 6 months with some photos of my cat?

(the title of this post doesn’t have any significance, apart from my love of alliteration, but thank you all the same!)

and HAPPY YEASTER – have a ruvvry time :)

8 thoughts on “Thankless Thursday

  1. i will stick with you, bestie!
    like in a crazed stalker, camping outside of your house, watching, waiting, with binoculars, hoping to catch a glimpse of you through a crack in the curtains kinda way :D


  2. i less than three you.
    i will stick with you.
    like in a i am already inside of your house, camped out in your roof space, rummaging through your personal things looking for souvenirs kinda way :D


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