Wednesday, like a river (photo stream)

Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Instagram this week (find me @siansburys), so apologies if I have flooded your stream!

This week has so far mainly consisted of organising my life through the power of Post-it notes, apple tree pruning, painting at my newly positioned-under-a-window desk (my previous set-up involved staring at a wall in a dark corner, and wasn’t the most inspiring of workspaces), and pancakes.

What did you have on your pancakes – tell me, I’m interested. Unless it was gravy. Actually no, I am interested if you had gravy. Apparently some Sheffield people think this is a normal thing to do. Discuss.

What’s that? What did I have? How nice of you to ask. Well, firstly I had traditional jif lemon & sugar, then I had maple syrup. Finally I pushed the boat out and combined jif lemon & maple syrup. I know, I’m crazy experimental like that. If you’re interested, it tasted somewhat like Buttercup Syrup (cough mixture), perhaps I will try that next time.

I also found myself on a blancmange-pink bus today which was slightly unnerving, and I was introduced to some early Miyazaki, but I might tell you more about that in another blog post.

20 thoughts on “Wednesday, like a river (photo stream)

  1. we didn’t even have pancakes in the end, and so i feel terribly cheated. i am curious about the gravy though – although probably not curious enough to try.
    when we were kids, we used to eat cold yorkshire puddings with golden syrup on them, if that’s any use to you?


    1. I am very sorry that you were denied pancakes, but omg, that’s just as bad. I have heard tell of applying jam to cold yorkshires too. Wrong. Wrong.


  2. I still haven’t managed to make pancakes – I may have to have pancake week to make up for it? with jam and cream and cream and cream and cream. My mental brian thought your photo of the bus was actually a photo of inside a gym? I was trying to remember where on your timetable you had gym? I am happy to see it is in fact a bus.


  3. also with the maple syrup and cheat-lemon in my house, individually applied (i don’t believe in stacking) and then i rolled them up, and put more maple syrup in a big zigzag manner. and then a light sprinkling of demera sugar (for the texture)

    oh and did you want to know how many pancakes i managed? just 7.
    but i’m going to try again tonight (and this time i won’t fill up on tiger bread first)


    1. We had a trial run the night before, nobody gets it right the first time. It’s definitely important to remember that pancake is for dinner, and not just dessert. And by that I mean the whole meal is pancake and sugar, not that you should apply savoury/gravy for the main course. Weirdos.


      1. yes. the toast was a rookie mistake.

        i’ve had cold yorkshire puddings with golden syrup in. (cold out of the fridge i mean)(not just gone cold after a sunday roast. <— that would be grim)


  4. I only had one measly pancake because all the others were consumed by greedy boys. I had lemon on mine. Just lemon. The greedy boys had consumed all of the sugar. It made me pull a funny face and my eyes watered.

    With regard to yorkshire puddings, they are bestest straight from the oven with lashings of butter and soft brown sugar OR put goosegogs in the batter and when cooked put mucho soft brown sugar on top and consumer immediately.
    Don’t say uuuurgh until you’ve tried it!!


  5. I had lemon and sugar. My man had apple and cinnamon compote.
    I like mine traditionally British though. I have maple syrup only on American style pancakes. I don’t think I could actually bring myself to try it all combined. :s


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