Plush Pinks

Hello! Did you have a lovely Valentines Day? Did you get some beautiful flowers? I am glad.

I’ve been wanting to post something on my shiny new blog all week but I’ve just been too busy with important works such as re-arranging my workroom (and getting trapped, briefly); deciding against spending £80 on a real one, and creating a poor-man’s Fil-o-fax (“Fil-no-fax”?) out of a notebook and post-it notes; synchronising Not-filofax with the Big Whiteboard of Everything; watching the Godfather Part 2, etc., etc.

I would like to start doing a kind of weekly finds type post, so today I thought I’d begin by sharing some recent listings from members of the Plush Team*, which I like to do occasionally as they are wonderful, talented folk. This selection is in festive Valentine-esque pinkish purplish colours:

Plush Pinks
Plush Pinks

So here we have from left to right (photo credits to the artists):

  1. Green Elevator
  2. Plush Riot
  3. Deadly Sweet
  4. Brian and the Wonderful Craft
  5. Susarto
  6. Yermit
  7. *might
  8. Nonesuch Garden
  9. Scrumptious Delight

(I’ve got to say that Survivor Yermit isn’t SO recent, but I had to include one Yermit as I have slightly fallen in love with them this week – see Your Boyfriend is a Fox – and he was the best fit)


*The Etsy Plush Street Team is a group of artists supporting and furthering ideas behind plush dolls, toys and all the soft areas in between.

6 thoughts on “Plush Pinks

  1. Ah… it’s those Soft Areas in Between that are the most interesting… all kinds of furry, fluffy and plushy stuff creeps out of those gaps!
    Lovely selection – I didn’t know there were so many cool toys in the world (whyever does anyone buy from the toy shop – the selection on Etsy is so much better!).


    1. Hi Lizzie! Thank you very much for being my first ever blog commenter on shiny-new-blog! Oh yes, I agree, there is SO much great stuff handmade stuff out there, although I’m not sure some of these would be classed as ‘toys’ per se :))


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