10/9/11: Sketchcrawl – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Spent the whole of Saturday sketching at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I tried to pack in as much as possible so my sketches are very sketchy…

Sketch Point 1: The Underground Gallery: Jaume Plensa Exhibition
Lovely stuff, also very interesting video interview with the artist below.

During this hour I also managed a quick run around the fun Emily Speed exhibition at the Bothy Gallery (which made me smile a lot) and took a couple of photos of the other sculptures in the grounds. For my whole set of images please see my Flickrset here: Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Sketch Point 2: Bretton Country Park
Lots of lovely voluptuous Henry Moore pieces here in the park, tried to capture the deep golden browns and blues and shiny bronzey-ness of this one, but failed.
Sketch Point 3: Lower park/Bretton Hall
Made it to this sketchpoint a bit late, after a delicious lunch at the gallery restaurant. Most sketchers had already set up in front of the hall, so I had another run around the park. This sculpture by Michael Zwingmann is called ‘Invasion’ captured my attention. From a distance it looks like freshly baled haylage strewn about the field, but is made from liquid asphalt poured into moulds. From below it is reminiscent of a scene from ‘The Prisoner’. Had time to do a quick 10 min sketch of the hall as well.
Sketch Point 4: The Boat House
This was quite a horrible subject to take on – I’ve been meaning to draw some silver birches for ages but I knew I’d be terrible at it so have been putting it off. I will go back up to Froggatt Edge and practice some more one day! This part of the park is basically a stagnant pool and stinks of Himalayan Balsam, mainly attracting bugs and reminding me of all those nasty damp Fridays I spent with BTCV pulling the damn stuff out!

Finally, we walked back up to the Cafe at the Kennel Block to have a look at everyone’s sketches – some really amazing work. As usual, check out Lynne’s picture gallery to see images as they come in!

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  1. I love the free quality of your sketches and think it looks like you had a great day out, will try and keep my eyes open for the next sketch crawl


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