9/9/11 Chester Zoo

Well it took two hours to get there and we had a mere four hours to get round it all, but we just about managed, despite rushing a bit. We also missed out a couple of areas in the middle, and a few exhibits were closed for improvements.

Lots of things to see. LOTS.
Great monkey enclosures – loads of space and swinging aparatus

Top 5 Highlights:

  1. The FRUIT BAT FOREST in the dark at feeding time! Crikey those fellas like swooping about for melon. Just amazing. Definitely Numero Uno Top Primary Highlight.
  2. Seeing the BUSH DOGS walk in formation around their pond, like a troupe of tiny bears. Then witnessing frustrated bush puppy trying to reach the water for a drink but, because mummy bush dog grabbed onto his hind leg (with her teeth) to stop him drowning (?), his tongue wasn’t quite long enough.
  3. GIANT OTTERS! Two of them, squeaking, and splashing about. Not like that invisible one at the Chestnut Centre, although that one is, admittedly, a lot closer to home.
  4. CHEETAH CUBS – Very cute.
  5. The ASIAN ELEPHANT enclosure. Loving the naturalistic fencing – they didn’t have a lot of space, but even their indoor enclosure has had some thought put into it with regard to the animals needs. This would have come higher up in my list but it was also a lowlight as we got to them last and they’d already gone to bed so we didn’t get to see them playing outside :( 
He may have been doing something rude. I censored my sketch though, don’t panic.
‘Realm of the Red Ape’ Orangutan Nursery – gorgeous

So in conclusion I am generally very impressed with the leap forward in the quality of animal enclosures and the general happiness-factor of the animals since my last zoo visit (admittedly, that was 10 years ago). I would definitely recommend it, but I would advise that you get there first thing in the morning as there is just so much to see (although it’s a looooong day if you have far to travel!) and TOP TIP: If you are just there for the afternoon, see your favourites first – the elephants, giraffes etc., get put to bed an hour before closing.

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