5/9/11: Burbage Valley

Love this place
(click images to view larger – I stopped by the stream to shelter from the sideways rain, and took a thousand photos)
Higger Tor from Carl Wark – purple, green, the other green, grey. Ahhh. And sky. Rain filled sky.

Here’s what is is so I don’t have to bother explaining it to you.
view from Higger Tor towards Hope Valley, rain looming, crows circling
lovely purpley heather – lovely
I’m on holiday this week (Yeah, I’m on staycation, but am lucky enough to live near Jane Eyre country and I’m a sucker for a gritstone edge) so expect some more random (but not very worldy or wordy) posts/photos/drawings over the next few days.
My Folksy and Etsy shops remain open as usual :)
Y’know, say, if you wanted to buy something. Like a sock monkey?

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