Sheffield Sketchcrawl: Norfolk Park, Sheffield – August 2011

Sketchcrawl at the Sheffield Fayre, Norfolk Park, Sheffield – 28 August 2011

The Confederate Army. Quite far away.
The Roman Army. Reserves.

Wouldn’t stand still (how do you spell medieval?)
The Archers.
The Targets
Quick, Fiver. Make a run for it.
The lady gave us some advice about growing vines and I can confirm that the grapes were tasty.
The winner of the First Prize for Onions (Novice Class) was over the moon.
Roman & Medieval encampment
Lynne sketching (while a group of impressed spectators gathers behind her)
The Union, shortly before they all dropped dead.
Lynne sketching the Army Wives – the crowd gathered again to look over her shoulder
Lots of leaning
In the Confederate encampment
Confederate soldiers catching 40 winks

(a bit sick of Blogger’s image treatment, sorry about that – click on the images to get a better view)
The End x

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