The Week (Stanage Sketch)

Okay I was going to start writing a weekly blogpost of a Friday, informing you of all the Things That I Have Done, like anyone cares. But hey! Lucky for you, I’ve done b*gger all this week, just for a change. Not even anything remotely interesting. I was thinking earlier that I should probably try moving off the chair I have been sitting on for the last 48 hours and look away from the screen as my eyeballs are starting to fuse to it.

So, let’s see. I had a few days off work at the weekend, which was excellent. Again, I did nothing. But doing nothing on your days off is OK, right?

Oh, wait – on  Saturday I got itchy feet so went for a drive up to Stanage with the intention of going for a walk. However, it absolutely tipped it down with rain so I sat in the car with the window rolled down and drew for a bit. I saw curlews in flight and heard a sheep go baaa in it’s sleep. I then drove over to Hathersage and back, by which time the rain had eased off so went for a little walk over the moor. Someone had carved their initials into one of my favourite places which made me really sad, so I tried to uncarve it off, grr. Walked back through the woods, which haven’t been managed for the last 50 years, and now the council is trying to make up for it by clearing massive swathes of it. The result is sort of like a cross between Narnia and Glastonbury.

Snoring Sheep, before she fell asleep

We both had Monday off too, so we went to the cinema 3 times, THREE. We have these unlimited passes which means we can go to the cinema an UNLIMITED number of times (see what they did there) and *only* (ahem) pay £15 a month or something, which is great except if you only go three times in one day every 6 months (and you have to pay extra to see stuff in 3D as well, which is sort of cheeky), but anyway.

Oh, look so I did do something vaguely interesting. I don’t remember much about the films though, but let’s have a go:

  1. Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds aka Maverick from Top Gun gets picked by a green blob of light to become an intergalactic spaceman who has the power to make anything from willpower, as long as it’s green.
  2. X-Men First Class – James McAvoy putting on a weird voice and touching his temples a lot. Explosions.
  3. Nandos – we had the chicken
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean 3?4? Who cares – Jack Sparrow, check. Some sort of quest for treasure, check. Lovejoy, check.
On the way to the cinema

Other stuff:

  • We went out for a lovely meal with my Dad for his beeday one night. Noms
  • I’ve started using Pinterest (click over there to follow me —–>)
  • I went to work, I rode on a bus, I listened to some Bright Eyes and some They Might Be Giants off of the 90s
  • I put *thumbs* on the bottom of my blog posts, look!
  • I noticed that the back of my shoes look like a surprised sloth:
<I still have this photo somewhere, let me know if you want to view it>
A bit more wrecking just for funs

Aaand that’s my week. What did you get up to? Anything nice?

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12 thoughts on “The Week (Stanage Sketch)

  1. that is SO. MUCH. STUFF! :oand you thought you didn’t have anything to write about! jaysus! i don’t do that much stuff in an entire year! you need to pace yourself.


  2. You know I had actually forgotten this stuff until I started writing it down. This isn’t a normal week though. Unless I am actually really dynamic and interesting but I just don’t remember? Yes, that must be it.


  3. by thumbs-ing this, all it did was post the link to your blog on my profile …with sal’s comment??! like a question. a shouting question?crazy internets.


  4. oh, also, since i am stalking you Officially now,here is some films i watched this week (they are in order of “good”/how much i enjoyed watching them. but that does not mean no.1 is the best film. it just means it rates higher than no.6)1. at home by myself. with you – starring agorophobia <32. the adjustment bureau – starring matt damons nose3. source code – feat. jake gill-n-hall’s head4. one with natalie portman <3 and ashton kutcher doing wooden actoring for best5. the eagle – the roman empire in bonny scotchland. filmed on location in hungary. srs.6. mandrake. there are no words. it was like a tree in dawsons creek. or something


  5. ummm oh i dunno – no i think you can just click ‘like’ next to the thumb at the bottom of the post, and that is leik standard *thumbs*, but if you want to share it on your wall you can add a comment which is like *thumbs*+excellent reviewage btw, I definitely am inspired to watch some of those now (mainly not the mandrake one)


  6. Wait, I think you clicked the little square F, not the like/thumbs ? Can you see the thumb? *paranoid you can’t see the thumb*


  7. i cannot see the thumb!CANNOT SEE THE THUMB!! <— *shouting* and *panicking*but like i said earlier; “i feel really stupid to ask”


  8. Hmm it might be because you already liked it. I hope that’s why. I’m going to believe that’s why for now, otherwise I could really start to panic or something.


  9. maybe you will write another post tonight? about All Of The Things you have done this day. and then i can see if i would like to *thumbz* it?


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