Wreck This Journal (some more)

Inspired (as always) by my wonderful and excessively talented friends at Kittypinkstars, Oddsox and Little Black Heart, I’ve spent the last few days  wrecking my journal, again. It’s sort of like group therapy, but alone (but together) with pens and knives and ANGER and drawing and water and HORROR and gluestring and PENCILS and sadness and happy (yay!), all wrapped up in a little book with googly eyes. He didn’t have googly eyes before, but since I welded them on with hot glue and lowered him into a sink full of lovely warm bubbly water yesterday, he and I have become a lot closer.

If you haven’t already got yourself a WTJ, I would heartily recommend you get one and start destroying it immediately. It’s by an evil genius author called Keri Smith and you can find it on the internet, which I know is where you all do your shopping because you’re scared of going outside. AMAZON (click, buy)

You can see my full photoset as I add them over on my Flickrstream (click)

And tomorrow, TOMORROW! It’s Sketchcrawl Day! Fingers crossed for the rain to hold off this time :/

What do you think?

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