Bank Holidays! Two weeks in photosnaps

Weddings (‘Scuse the mess, living room is still a work in progress)

Woodland Walks (Limb Valley, Sheffield)

Bogs (dry)

Mansions (Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield)

Stately Homes (Hardwick Hall, Chesterfield)

N.B. Hardwick has a lovely dining room. Very modest. Not like my favoured State Dining Room at Chatsworth. Jim never did fix it for me to have my birthday party there. Mum said the Duke of Dev (Rest His Soul) probably wouldn’t have minded me using his Pink Crystal for jelly and icecream if I’d have asked him nicely.


Why is this woman measuring a decapitated head?

Gardening (plants survived the frost – next: slugs)


Doodling in front of the TV (Yes, I took my sketchbook out with me to The Interesting Places but I didn’t dare get it out. Grr).

Sketching in the garden, catching the evening sun.

Hope you all had a lovely couple of weeks.
More images on Flickr and Instagram (@siansburys)

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