Drawing on the iPad

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to go back to Art Skool for a day with my lovely friend Sarah Waterhouse and my pops, Bryn Hughes. We were invited to Chesterfield College to attend an event aimed at “highlighting the opportunities for integrating Apple iPad technologies within the Creative sector”. Well, Sarah was, and we tagged along for a Nice Day Out. (Click images to go large)

After a brief briefing, we spent the rest of the morning in the studios, where we had a quick lesson on drawing proportions, and ran through a few exercises (drawing with eyes shut, etc., hence the drawings of floating dungarees). This was actually pretty funny bearing in mind 90% of our group were (are) Art Teachers.

Lunch in the college cafeteria was followed by a return to the lecture theatre. The afternoon was dedicated to drawing on the iPad using the ‘Brushes’ app, some of the college Fashion students (and speakers) kindly stepping up to model for us.

Drawing on the iPad was certainly fun, but clean. Too clean! Call me old fashioned, but I’m definitely a pencil and paper and pens and paint and mess kinda gal. I could have spent all week/month/year in the studio. Look at all that grunge! Lovely :)

What do you think?

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