Art Class – Drapery with Life Model

Lots of quick 5 min drawings – not enough time to get the feet in the right place on this one ;)

More 5 min sketches, above.

15 min study, above. Did this twice because I was getting annoyed at not getting legs in proportion! Below is just bigger version of the 2nd drawing above. Had intended to use some paint today but got stuck in my comfort zone with pencil. Shame as the robe was a lovely turquoise-y colour against Kirsty’s gorgeous mocha-y skin :)

And finally a reductive charcoal drawing – this looks loads better in the photograph than it does in real life, hah :D

Haven’t done any life drawing since we did our last course with Marion in 2001. Kirsty did an amazing job sitting for us!

Went on the 3rd Sheffield Sketchcrawl on Saturday – will upload images and blog later or tomorrow.

What do you think?

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