Art Class – Drapery with Still Life

Only five of us made it through the snow to Art Class this morning. It was actually quite a nice walk for me up the hill in the snow and, now I know it only takes me 15 minutes, I’ll be doing it again if I haven’t got too much to carry (and if it isn’t raining)!

Warmed up with a pencil drawing. Working on A3 today (previous weeks have been on A2, if anyone is interested in the scale!).

After a cuppa, I moved on to charcoal reductive drawing – I’m finding this method good fun to use, and the results are definitely better the second time around! This is actually the final drawing I did (explanation below). Not sure I like the orange right in the middle, but I wasn’t really thinking about composition. Alright, I didn’t think about composotion at all.

entire drawing


The images below show the second drawing I did, which I was going to do some watercolour over the top of, but Marion wouldn’t let me, so I drew the third one (above) specifically to paint on. I actually preferred that one as a drawing so painted on the second drawing which I’d already fixed! Oops.

entire drawing


I’m happy with parts of this drawing (like the apple detail above) but generally felt I made a huge mess of it. Not that I am precious about these things, I just felt like i didn’t know what I was doing, which I suppose I didn’t – I’ve never painted over charcoal before. Hopefully I’ll be better at that next time!


What do you think?

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