Art Class

Ten years ago, Dad and I took an evening art class with artist Marion Thomson, which he cites as the reason he found his ‘new’, quicker painting style. She had us doing all kinds of exercises including making drawings in 15 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins; painting/drawing with our left hand or without looking at the paper, etc. Dad has looked into doing another of Marion’s classes a few times over the years but they have always been during the day, and with us both working it was never possible.

However, now Dad has retired (rah!) and I work part-time, we’ve just enrolled in her winter class and today was our first session.

This time we’re looking at drapery and the figure. To begin, we took three pieces of paper: crumpled the first, folded the second and pleated the third. We then placed each on a sheet of white paper and drew studies, paying particular attention to shading (I remember doing this at school with a metal objects that we smashed up with a hammer, but it was interesting to look at white on white). My photos are a bit blown out, but you get the idea hopefully.

Pleated sheet:

Crumpled sheet:

Folded sheet:

Homework: Look at the work of Scottish painter, Alison Watt

Look at the size of those things!

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