29th International Sketchcrawl Day – Sheffield Edition (Weston Park Museum)

The First Sheffield Sketchcrawl went so well last month that Lynne organised us another day out to coincide with the 29th International Sketchcrawl Day on Saturday 16th October at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield.

I don’t know what the official figures are, but turnout seemed at least as good as, if not better than the first crawl. Dad and I arrived at 10.15am to find a gaggle of sketchers chatting over coffee at the museum cafe. This time many of the faces were familiar which was a good feeling, and it was great to catch up with what artistic endeavours they’ve been inspired into since last time!

Lynne had managed to secure us a lockable room to dump our many layers of outdoor clothing (on the special horseshoe of chairs that had been laid out, not near the tables! *slaps wrists*) before we dispersed into the museum’s galleries – most of us opting to mill around the ‘What on Earth!’ room (the one with all the stuffed animals), and most of us drawing the Woolly Rhino at least once.

My Dad and Jane had both brought their iPads so there was a lot of interest in what they were up to! Jane produced some lovely sketches of the rhino (see them on her Flickr stream here) and shared her tips on which apps give the best results.

After lunch we ventured out into Weston Park proper, and immediately got stranded under various trees, shelters and against the museum buildings as the heavens opened! Unwilling to risk getting soaked through, I opted to head back to the shelter of the building while Dad positioned himself right out in the open to sketch the opposite direction. You can (perhaps, how good is your eyesight?) see Dad as the small seated figure in my sketch. You can see my Dad’s work over on his blog, here.

An hour or so later everyone (except Dad, who wasn’t giving up) was wet or freezing cold or both, and had started to congregate back inside the museum, so we spent another half hour sketching more of the exhibits to warm up before heading off to the pub to have a nosey into each other’s sketchbooks and have another play with the iPads.

I’m finding it really interesting seeing how other people work, and the different results. Also saw a waterbrush in real life (I’ve wanted one since seeing one on the DVD extras of ‘Up’ where they’d sent the animators off up a mountain in South America to do some proper sketching – well worth a watch!) so thanks to Ellie’s Mum (whose sketches were also very absolutely beautiful by the way) I am now the proud owner of one. Okay, two.

This one is made by Pentel, has medium sized tip, and is the only type I could find in Sheffield. I was trying to avoid buying one online, but seems I may have to if I want other makes/sizes! Anyway, from the brief play with it I have had so far, I can really recommend it. Just looking forward to taking it out and about now to try it out properly!

You can see the rest of my sketches and photos from the day on my Flickr stream here.

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4 thoughts on “29th International Sketchcrawl Day – Sheffield Edition (Weston Park Museum)

  1. This sounds like another really enjoyable outing. I like your puffin drawing. Even better, thanks to your Flickr pics I’ve just discovered ‘Wreck Your Journal’ and am thinking of getting myself one plus a couple for my kids too. I love what you’ve done in yours.


  2. Thanks Jane! Yes it was very enjoyable :)I can definitely recommend Wreck This Journal espeically if, like me, you are terrified of making the first marks on the page! I discovered it through my frined Kittypinkstars http://kittypinkstars-kitty-kittypinkstars.blogspot.com/ (check out hers they’re amazing!) and the writer, Keri Smith, has written another brilliant book called ‘how to be an explorer of the world’ which you and your kids will love!


  3. Ooh, yes, Kitty’s journal is nice too. I am extremely bad at loosening up and making a mess. I’m going to blog my current sketchbook soon, mostly to shame myself into doing something a bit more creative. Went to Frieze art fair on Sunday — that was a wake-up call…


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